To address the challenge, Sleepiz aims for a personalized and data-driven disease management which starts one step earlier - While the patient is still at home.
Why we want to make long-term monitoring accessible

We make use of what independent studies have shown, nightly symptoms and respiration rate have the potential to predict the exacerbation of COPD patients. By continuously providing such data to the physicians, they can monitor their patients remotely and consequently intervene earlier upon irregularities.

With a longitudinal, accurate, and comfortable monitoring at home, Sleepiz supports patients and physicians to take better control of disease management with actionable real-world data.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower physicians to prevent deterioration and hospitalization so patients can live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Sleepiz One+ for COPD
Physician proposes Sleepiz One+ solution for management of a chronic disease
Sleepiz One+ device is taken to the patient's home
Sleepiz One+ is used for long-term by the patient
Sleepiz software simultaneously identifies vital parameters and their progression
The physician monitors the disease throughout the time frame.
Sleepiz One+ is returned to the physician
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