Are you interested in innovation in sleep medicine and do you consider yourself an an early adopter for the latest technologies? Make sure you are one of the first doctors in your area who can use the Sleepiz One!

We will connect you with the patients who would like to get tested with the Sleepiz One.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schöbel , Head of Sleep Lab, Ruhrlandklinik Essen

What Sleepiz does today is the future of tomorrow!

Dr. Aribert Bauerfeind , Head of Sleep Lab, Schweizerische Epilepsie-Klinik

Sleepiz will revolutionize the way we do sleep diagnostics, enhance patients comfort and open a new chapter the way we do sleep diagnostics.

Dr. med. Christian Neumann , Head of Sleep Lab Fluntern, Zürich

Sleepiz makes sleep diagnostics easier for me and more comfortable for my patients.

Prof. Dr. rer. physiol. Thomas Penzel , Head of the interdisciplinary Sleep Lab Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

I expect a broad variety of new insights for sleep medicine with Sleepiz solution. Monitoring patients accurately at home and in the long-term has the potential to open completely new fields.