This is why Sleepiz has created a contactless solution for sleep apnea diagnosis.

What is sleep apnea?

Many people across the world get at least eight hours of sleep every night yet they feel terribly tired. This is often because they suffer from sleep apnea.

Untreated sleep apnea patients suffer from a multitude of diurnal and nocturnal symptomps ranging from loud snoring, sleepiness, irritability, headaches, insomnia, and difficulties to concentrate. These alone may lead to productivity loss and significantly increase the risk of provoking car accidents.

Unmanaged sleep apnea may also put patients in danger of developing hypertension, obesity, heart disease, depression, and stroke. This not only affects the health and wellbeing of the person but also creates an economic burden for the healthcare system.

The Sleepiz Solution

The current state of the art for sleep apnea diagnosis requires a patient to be admitted to a hospital and be monitored through cable devices that are inconvenient, expensive, and timely for the patients.

We believe that sleep apnea should be diagnosed at home. By providing an at home solution which can monitor several nights of sleep, patients get a faster, cheaper, and more accurate diagnosis while the physicians benefit from an improved workflow.

Sleepiz One+ for Sleep Apnea
Physician proposes Sleepiz One+ solution for a possible sleep apnea case
Sleepiz One+ device is taken to the patient's home
Sleepiz One+ is used for 1 to 3 nights by the patient
Sleepiz software simultaneously identifies vital parameters
Sleepiz One+ is returned to the physician once sleep apnea is diagnosed followed by proposed therapy by the physician