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Sleep Culture at Sleepiz

Adim De

A third of our lives is spent sleeping and while the physiology remains the same, the mindset and attitude towards sleep varies amongst cultures.

Ensuring 8 hours of sleep per night is no easy task in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Everyone is trying to cram in as much as possible within their 24 hours. A busy work schedule, an active social life of a millennial, a stringent gym/sport regiment, and your standard Netflix binge sessions make it difficult to find the time to get your 8 hours of sleep.

This compromise on sleep turns into a vicious cycle which leads to an inefficient day. The primary fix is altering your schedule and lifestyle but the next best thing is ensuring you get the best sleep possible regardless of its duration. The vastly multicultural team at Sleepiz have their unique methods, quirks, and rituals when it comes to sleep in order to maximize the value of their time spent awake.

Being a sleep-focused startup, we truly understand the value of a good snooze and much like the global cultural diversity, we all have our little tricks that helps us hit the zzzs faster. Our CTO, Marc, has discipline on his side and ensures his sleep mimics a finely tuned Swiss watch. He gets his post-lunch 17 minute afternoon siesta which is rooted in his Spanish heritage. He says that his 10 minute meditation sessions before bed keep him in a state of calmness and relaxation before he hits the hay. Rajanikant, one of our data scientists, also has cultural influence towards his sleep ritual. A warm glass of milk with turmeric before bed seems to do the trick, while an 8 minute powernap at the office with some melodic tunes keeps his productivity up during the day. Our CFO Max ensures that his sleep goes on like clockworks and always tries to get his daily 8 hours of shut eye. Jonas, Head of Product Management & Business Development, tries for something a bit simpler but quite effective, he avoids the use of his phone before going to bed, something easier said than done in the digital age.

Personally, I try to engage in strenuous physical activity most days of the week. This usually knocks me out as soon as I hit the sack. My superpower has always been the ability to sleep anywhere – the jealousy-inducing ability to fall asleep once I board a plane, only to wake up at the destination is something I hope never goes away – although it means miss out on those tiny packets of peanuts. I also feel that some low tempo melodic tunes tend to get me into a calm state of mind before getting to sleep.

Since sleep is our game, we need to have a place to test out our system and what better place to do it than a soft cushy bed at our Sleepiz office. The team can take necessary powernaps so they can stay fresh and continue their journey to revolutionize the sleep diagnostics. Joko is a Sleepiz team member who takes our values a bit far and spends her entire day snoozing in the office, granted she is our lovable Zurich office dog.

You spend a third of your life ensuring that the other two-thirds are optimal, productive, and enjoyable. Why should you compromise on this? Our team members at Sleepiz are always trying new ways of improving their sleep quality. Being a sleep related company, we stand by our principles and strive to pave the way for others to value and appreciate their quality of sleep. You cannot make the most out of your day if you cannot get the most out of your night.

About Us

Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with a mission to provide patient-centric disease management through seamless integration of contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Sleepiz leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed on the bedside table. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns, as well as body motions with medical grade accuracy.

While currently focusing on respiratory illnesses, Sleepiz aims to improve people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare. By making use of wireless millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, in the future Sleepiz will not only be able to diagnose sleep disorders but also perform long-term monitoring. Thereby, the progression of chronic diseases will be monitored to allow faster intervention and better treatment.

Sleepiz is touching lives without touching.

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