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Sleepiz Ltd., India affiliation with DrKure opens new doors

Anna Windisch

September 2021, Sleepiz Ltd, Pune: We are very excited to share the news about our latest collaboration with DrKure Technologies, an innovative healthcare service provider. Our shared passion for patient-centric disease management has enabled this alliance.

Sleepiz is going to provide remote monitoring services to DrKure’s vast clientele keeping in line with its mission of providing proactive, preventive, and personalized care. Currently DrKure is housing more than two hundred doctors and over one hundred healthcare professionals (HCPs), serving more than one thousand patients. Their extensive network spans across India from Bangalore to New Delhi. A significant part of their clientele is Non-Resident Indians who are onboarded onto the platform to take care of their aging parents’ health with a single click.

The Sleepiz One Connect system advances DrKures offering with an additional layer of monitoring and safety without compromising on patient comfort. The system constantly and unobtrusively measures key vital signs to detect any kind of patient deterioration. This allows for faster intervention and better treatment.

Dr. Archana Mallick, Co-founder and director of DrKure Technologies Pvt Ltd. notes that, “We are excited for our strategic partnership with Sleepiz to provide better healthcare by leveraging our Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch Model. Sleepiz’s contactless and remote monitoring helps our patient, including COPD and Covid-19 patients immensely during this pandemic time, and it is aligned with our vision of bringing care to the home. We are looking forward to working with Sleepiz. This partnership with Sleepiz will enable DrKure in providing the next level patient care. The future of healthcare is here.

Anna Windisch, Head of Marketing & Sales at Sleepiz AG, is a strong supporter of this strategic partnership, as according to Anna, “Even the most innovative technology is only as good as the caregivers who operate it. Our Sleepiz One Connect system provides medical grade insights, but we need partners like DrKure who make use of this objective data to act upon patient deterioration. Sleep provides so many insights that help optimize a patient’s therapy or medication plan. In fact, Sleepiz can be compared to a smoke detector for your health. The earlier you get an alert on smoke, the better you can prevent fire. So Sleepiz will detect patient deterioration and the network and team of DrKure will ensure to prevent fire. We team up to touch lives without touching.

We are very grateful to all collaborators that were instrumental in making this happen.

About DrKure:

DrKure is a next generation, state-of-art healthcare technology platform to reimagine patient care and aiming to reduce the burden of healthcare cost by empowering patients. Their wide networks of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, healthcare practitioners, chemists, druggists, & labs etc. will provide a unique and new way of treating patients. Their Hi-Tech + Hi-Touch model which creates a compelling and effective patient experience that leads to empowered, engaged and activated patients with improved health outcomes. It has four major thought-provoking service offerings namely:

  • MoHealthRec: My Digital Health Wallet for personalized health record and creating risk profiling
  • MoDoctor: One click easy appointment for doctor visit and lab test
  • MoDoctorSaathi: Artificial Intelligence Companion for day-to-day health management and medication adherence
  • MoParents: Guided senior care or home care with expert doctors, physiotherapist and nurses

About Sleepiz:

Sleepiz (India) Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sleepiz AG, a Swiss-based MedTech startup founded in 2019 with a mission to provide patient-centric disease management through seamless integration of contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Sleepiz leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed on the bedside table. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns, as well as body motions with medical grade accuracy.

The Sleepiz One Connect system tracks the progression of diseases by monitoring key diagnostic vital signs such as breathing rate, pulse rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2). The Sleepiz CARE team collects, evaluates, and shares these objective measurements 24*7 with the healthcare professional in charge. This remote and real-time measurement system adds a safety level and supports the decision-making process with actionable insights for improved patient outcomes.

Sleepiz is touching lives without touching

Contact for Press Enquiries DrKure:

Chittaranjan Debata (CD) cd@drkure.co.in
Phone: +91 7846838988 | www.drkure.in  Head of New Business Development and Strategy

Contact for Press Enquiries Sleepiz AG:

Anna Windisch anna.windisch@sleepiz.com
Head of Marketing and Sales | www.sleepiz.com