Swiss MedTech Start-up about to Launch in Foreign Markets 

Sleepiz raises CHF 6.2 million in Series A financing round

Zurich, 7 March 2022 – The MedTech start-up Sleepiz has successfully completed the second closing of its Series A financing round. The company raised a further 1.8 million Swiss francs, bringing the total investment to 6.2 million Swiss francs. The fresh capital will primarily be used to launch the sleep apnoea monitor in foreign markets. establishing and growing our presence in the United States.”

The Zurich-based MedTech start-up Sleepiz raised a further CHF 1.8 million in the second closing. The main investors in the first closing included Verve Ventures, ZKB, a US health insurance company, and the four judges of “Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”. “We will use the newly raised capital to further roll out our monitor for diagnosing sleep disorders,” says Max Sieghold, co-founder of Sleepiz. “The launch in Germany is planned for the coming weeks. Other countries will follow.” 

A revolutionary way to monitor sleep  

ETH spinoff Sleepiz has developed the first contactless monitor, approved in Europe as a medical device, to measure breathing rate and diagnose sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea. People who suffer from poor sleep only need to request it online or have it prescribed by their doctor and place it next to their bed for three nights. The device then monitors nighttime breathing with 99% accuracy without any wiring. The data generated is simultaneously transmitted to a cloud platform and analyzed in the form of reports and trend analyses so that it can be discussed with an expert. Sleepiz is an extremely cost-effective and convenient alternative to the sleep laboratory and accordingly has the potential to revolutionize the market. 

The Sleepiz device can be ordered for CHF 149 via 

About Sleepiz

Sleepiz was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich by Marc Rullan, Max Sieghold, and Soumya Sunder Dash and aims to improve people’s lives by helping to shape the future of healthcare. With its eponymous device, the MedTech startup has developed a convenient and cost-effective way to screen for sleep and diagnose sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea. Sleepiz has been a partner of the Lunge Zurich association since the summer of 2021. The startup, which has over 50 employees, has raised over CHF 6.2 million in investment capital to date and has received funding from institutions such as Innosuisse (Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion) and the European Commission. Investors include ZKB, Verve Ventures, an American health insurance company and the four jurors of “Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz”. More information at and  

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