Sleepiz (Ltd.) Partnership with AIIMS

Sleepiz (Ltd.) has partnered with AIIMS Patna, one of India’s most renowned medical institutes, in its initiative to monitor mild to moderate COVID-19 patients and infected healthcare professionals. The initiative addresses the devastating impact of the coronavirus in the Indian healthcare ecosystem and aims to remotely, in a contactless manner, identify and act upon COVID-19 patient deterioration.

“Telemedicine can make such a huge impact in the healthcare sector. Sleepiz devices can fill the gap of remote patient monitoring, especially during this unprecedented situation. Upcoming waves will be less powerful, but many lives would be lost until then. Early detection and timely management of treatment can hugely reduce the complications and fatality related to COVID-19.” says Dr. Lokesh Tiwari, the Deputy Medical Superintendent, Additional Professor of Paediatrics at AIIMS Patna, leading the COVID-19 initiatives at the hospital.

Just in the pilot phase, Sleepiz aims to touch lives of more than 400 COVID-19 patients.

The Sleepiz system will track the progression of the disease and provide insights into key diagnostic vital signs such as breathing rate, pulse rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2). Patients will be monitored using proprietary Sleepiz devices which can track the progression of the infection remotely. As there is no physical contact with the physician it reduces the risk of disease transmission. The Sleepiz CARE (Cardiorespiratory Evaluators) Team will be responsible for collecting, evaluating, and sharing all the data 24×7 directly to the physicians. Should any patient’s health deteriorate, the physician in charge will be alerted immediately to take action. This remote and real-time process will help to reduce the burden faced by hospitals in India, and its physicians, by achieving a data-driven triaging of patients and shifting clinical workload away from the hospital.

The initiative enables Sleepiz to fulfill its main vision of improving people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare. COVID-19 has negatively impacted many people’s lives across the globe, and as cases continue to rise across India, Sleepiz wishes to contribute through the continued commitment to help frontline workers and healthcare professionals to combat this virus together.

“COVID-19 and especially the recent wave has affected India tremendously. The healthcare ecosystem is facing unprecedented challenges such as a shortage of healthcare professionals. With Sleepiz, the burden can be lifted by allowing nurses and physicians to focus on the right patients at the right time. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with AIIMS in Patna and provide the needed support.” notes Ankit Anand, VP-Software at Sleepiz and the lead of the initiative. Ankit lives and works now in Switzerland but is originally from Patna where he has spent his childhood.

About Us

Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with a mission to provide patient-centric disease management through seamless integration of contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Sleepiz leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed on the bedside table. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns, as well as body motions with medical grade accuracy.

While currently focusing on respiratory illnesses, Sleepiz aims to improve people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare. By making use of wireless millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, in the future Sleepiz will not only be able to diagnose sleep disorders but also perform long-term monitoring. Thereby, the progression of chronic diseases will be monitored to allow faster intervention and better treatment.

Sleepiz is touching lives without touching.

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